Estate Planning Council of New York City, Inc.

Does your estate have significant art holdings? Join Gabe M. Wolosky and the Estate Council of New York as they address the IRS requirements for estates with significant art holdings, and tax deduction for the charitable donation of artwork

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Estate Planning Council of New York City, Inc.2020-07-15T11:33:15-04:00
Webinars | Jun 20, 2020

Exploring Growth Through Acquisitions

| Jun 20, 2020

Prager Metis’ CEO Glenn Friedman joins an expert panel for this webinar hosted by The NYBB Group on Tuesday, June 24th at 12 PM ET. Industry experts will discuss the benefits of acquisitions, including increased revenues and bottom-line

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Exploring Growth Through Acquisitions2020-07-06T14:36:11-04:00