Entertainment & Music

We understand the complexities and challenges of the entertainment & music industries. Prager and Fenton LLP, the predecessor of Prager Metis International, has specialized in accounting and advising for the entertainment and music industry since its inception, over 100 years ago.

Prager Metis has worked with some of the leading music publishers, merchandise rights agencies, major motion picture studios, fashion designers, video game developers, tokenized companies, and many of the most successful companies and artists of all time — Emmy, Grammy, Olivier, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize winners as well as sports superstars. With offices in NYC, LA and London Prager Metis is able to work with you wherever you are.

That tradition continues today, as Prager Metis provides counsel to professional leaders and icons around the world.


Services Include:

  • Audits of cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Blockchain advisory practice
  • Business Management
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Cryptocurrency and token tax
  • Federal, State and Local tax planning and compliance
  • International tax planning and compliance
  • Profit Participation and Royalty Auditing
  • Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance
  • Tour Accounting