Post-Election Estate Planning and Tax Mitigation Strategies

Presentations | Marnette Myers | Nov 19, 2020

The outcome of the November 2020 election will likely prompt wealthy individuals and families to identify, assess and mitigate potential legal and tax risks when it comes to their personal tax and estate planning. Join Prager Metis and McCandlish Lillard for a webinar that will assist wealthy clients and their advisors in assessing potential tax law changes and discuss mitigation strategies, including the possibility of retroactive tax legislation to January 1, 2021. Click here to watch the recording:

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Nov 14, 2022
Fernando R. Lopez

Los Impuestos del Metaverso y NFT

A medida que el Metaverso evoluciona, también lo hacen la Contabilidad Distribuida (DLT), Blockchain, los NFTs y los Smart Contracts, los cuales impulsan la exposición del comercio de bienes y servicios en el Metaverso y promueven su integración en la economía del mundo “real”.

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