Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Long term care insurance is different from traditional medical care that is covered by an individual’s health insurance policy or Medicare, which is designed to rehabilitate or correct certain medical problems. Conversely, long term care insurance is intended to provide services to assist a person to maintain their level of functioning. Long term care services generally include, but are not limited to the following:

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Finance| Nov 05, 2015

Peace of Mind

| Nov 05, 2015

Buy Sell Agreement Remember when going into business with a friend or family member, the terms of the agreement was settled with a handshake, a “gentleman’s agreement”. Oh, how the world has changed.

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Peace of Mind2019-03-30T10:10:03-04:00
Finance| Oct 01, 2015

Education Connection

| Oct 01, 2015

College Financial Planning “Congratulations!” is the first sentence every high school senior prays to see when they tear open that envelope from their desired college. Upon acceptance the fun begins, finding a roommate, new student orientation, declaring a major, joining clubs and teams, but where is the money to pay for it all?

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Private Foundations vs. Community Foundations

Pros and Cons to Private and Community Foundations By: Mark Ackerman, CPA For clients who have expressed the desire to use part of their wealth for philanthropic giving, the overwhelming vehicle used to accomplish this is to establish their own charitable foundation.

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Finance| Sep 02, 2015

Focusing on Your Finances

| Sep 02, 2015

End the Summer, Prepared for Fall In our last week of summer, it is important to prepare yourself and your finances for the year ahead. Summer is great, shorter work weeks, weekends spent on the golf course and relaxing by the pool.

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Finance| Jul 22, 2015

Euro Trip

| Jul 22, 2015

Save Money While Traveling As July is coming to an end, it is now or never to book your summer vacation. But instead of taking the same predictable trip you take every year, why not change it up and take that hop skip and jump across the pond and explore Europe.

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Finance| May 07, 2015

Spousal Benefits of Social Security

| May 07, 2015

Spousal Benefits of Social Security There are many things we should know about Social Security. While the following is written from the perspective of a wife earning less than her spouse, the information here is the same for husbands who earn less than their spouse and may want to claim a spousal benefit.

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Finance| May 04, 2015

Pre-Planning Elder Care: Are You Prepared

| May 04, 2015

Typically, people do not begin to consider their long-term care until they are well into retirement. In today’s economic environment, it is essential to create and implement an elder care plan in your early 60s to ensure you take advantage of planning opportunities and have your wishes carried out. Outright Gifts

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