Prager Metis has worked with an assortment of models, designers, and stylists. At Prager Metis, our team of professionals has experience with manufactures, importers, exporters, and distributors, all of which are essential to running your business in this field.

Over the years that we have acted as their trusted advisors and have experienced numerous factors that determine the way that they do business. This experience allows us to take a practical approach and anticipate what is ahead.


We understand that this industry is unique and that there are many aspects that can be over looked. Fabrics, materials, and production can be costly and sometimes require large amounts of financial support. We take pride in the relationships we have built and will work with you on raising capital and getting you access to the correct lender. Our many sources in the factor community assist in providing some of the financing.

Business Management

Prager Metis can assist you with all forms of your business’ management, paying vendors, cash control procedures, the valuation of receivables and inventory; we will ensure that all of your accounting and management needs are met and that your goals are achieved. We can also help you with the rental of warehouse space, freight payments, distribution, designer books and all of the procedures that are involved. We have years of experience serving those in the fashion industry and helping them create, develop, and expand their companies. Creativity is your business, and the services that Prager Metis offers allow that to be your focus.

Tax Services

With an industry like fashion, where there can be hefty fluctuations in earnings each year, it is important to incorporate our individual and corporate tax planning services into your business in order to guarantee that everything is accurate.

Industry Leader

Regional Managing Partner - New York Metro

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