Estate Planning Council of New York City, Inc.

Webinars | Gabe M. Wolosky | Jul 14, 2020

Does your estate have significant art holdings? Join Gabe M. Wolosky and the Estate Council of New York as they address the IRS requirements for estates with significant art holdings, and tax deduction for the charitable donation of artwork. Click here to register for the panel discussion on Tuesday, July 21st


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Private: Accounting Professionals Need to Understand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain, have started to evolve from being misunderstood concepts into a mainstream means to conduct digital transactions. Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency used as a medium of exchange for conducting internet-based sales and financial transactions. Unlike paper bills or coins, cryptocurrency lacks physical properties and is stored in virtual wallets rather than bank accounts.

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