Real Estate

Whether you’re a developer, management company, contractor or owner, you are in an industry that is constantly changing. Your success lies in the ability to forecast new trends in order to plan for and respond to changing dynamics.

With our broad expertise, including decades of real estate audit and tax experience, the Prager Metis team provides the financial and tax guidance that owners and investors require in today’s challenging environment.

Audit and Accounting:
Tax Compliance and Consulting:
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Businesses Opportunities in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is an ever-growing space for businesses to build opportunities. From real estate, music venues, fashion shows, virtual reality, clothing stores, and so much more! Traditional opportunities are changing, business models are changing, networking is changing, and Prager Metis is at the forefront of it all. The Motley Fool recently published an article naming Prager Metis as one of the new frontier leaders.

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