London Accounting Firm Prager and Fenton LLP Rebrands Itself Prager Metis LLP

UK News | Prager Metis | Jul 01, 2015

Prager and Fenton LLP, a leading accounting and advisory firm based in London, which has represented clients in the media and entertainment industries for nearly 50 years, announced that the firm will operate under the Prager Metis name. Previously the London office practised as part of Prager and Fenton; however, in 2013, the US practise merged and rebranded as Prager Metis. The London office continued as part of the Prager Metis International structure and has now changed its name to underline its role in and commitment to Prager Metis as a recognised international practise.

The announcement of the name change was made by Mark Boomla, the Managing Partner of the London office. “While our name will change to reflect our enhanced international services and greater depth of professional staff, our office location and practices will remain, our clients will continue to be served by their existing team of dedicated employees,” says Boomla. “This change represents a reinforcement of our commitment to client service across multiple markets and industries, on both domestic and international levels. Also, by changing our name, we emphasise our commitment to providing seamless international advice built upon our expertise in respect of UK and US matters, together with the global capabilities that membership of the international organisation,  the Geneva Group International, provides.”

On January 1, 2013 Prager and Fenton LLP merged with Metis Group LLC to form Prager Metis International, creating a top 100 firm in the US. Prager and Fenton LLP has operated in London for nearly 50 years, primarily in the music, media and entertainment industries.  Prager Metis International has four main service lines: International, Advisory, Audit & Accounting, and Tax Services.

“The name change officially marks the final phase of the merger. We have worked behind the scenes to merge the firms together in a cohesive and integrated structure providing an effective international service. Our London team has always been an integral part of Prager Metis,” said David Neste, Chairman of the Board. “We look forward to growing our strong relationship with all of our UK and European clients and contacts.”


About Prager Metis International
Headquartered in New York City, and with offices in the US and London, UK, Prager Metis International, LLC is one of the nation’s fastest growing accounting and advisory firms, offering a full range of accounting, audit, tax, consulting, and international services. Prager Metis is a Top 100 Accounting Firm in the US.

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