U.S. Property Tax Update

Alerts | Prager Metis | Oct 10, 2013

Connecticut: Any entity with personal property located in the state of Connecticut the Annual Personal Property Tax Rendition is due no later than November 1st. The reporting period is assets on record as of September 302013 (period October 1, 2012, through September 30, 2013).  Each town has the option of granting an extension for up to 45 days.  However, generally one needs to apply for an extension to file their rendition no later than the 20th of October as many towns will reject last minute requests.

Massachusetts: The deadline to file a personal property tax appeal is November 1st in the state. This accompanies the first quarter bill due in each town the same day.  This is based on the rendition (return) filed on March 1 this past year (MA-2 form).

California:  The final day to file an appeal for either real or personal property in most counties for the state is December 2 this year.  Some counties such as Alameda (Oakland), San Francisco the deadline has passed.  The county of Los Angeles has a December 2 deadline as does Orange County among others.  Bills for this year have been released and in some cases paid but that does not prevent one from appealing their assessment values.

Should you have properties in these states and wish us to review your individual situation to determine if an appeal opportunity exists or needs help filing their renditions or wishes someone to review the filing before made as in Connecticut please contact Scott D. Davis, CPA, JD at 212-972-7555, extension 342 or sdavis@pragermetis.com.