Prager Metis CPAs Reveals New Brand: Your World. Worth More.

Press Releases | Prager Metis | Sep 05, 2013

NY, NJ, CA, LONDON – Only six months after announcing the formation of Prager Metis CPAs, which is the result of a merger between two long-standing firms Prager and Fenton LLP and Metis Group LLC, the firm is proud to announce its new image – complete with a new logo, tag line and an exceptional positioning statement, which will guide the firm going forward.

Its logo is a symbol of two forces — one orange, the other gray — representing two strong entities coming together as one. Its tag line: “Your World. Worth More.”

“The unique factor in this is that this is not a rebranding,” said Prager Metis’ Director of Marketing, Diane Walsh. “It is a full branding from start to finish. We have created a brand for a Top 100 Firm from scratch. Usually, when you have a merger of this size, there is a dominant brand that one organization hopes to retain, but this was not a simple refresher – it was a new creation.”

Keeping true to form, the Prager Metis team made the new branding procedure a collaborative effort. CEO, Glenn Friedman and Chairman of the Board David Neste, developed an 11-member committee representing a good model of the firm.

“We brought in five partners from Prager and five partners from Metis, along with Diane Walsh, Glenn and myself,” says David Neste, Chairman of the Board. “We included partners who were equity but also considered it equally important to include non-equity partners. Prager Metis values everyone’s voice and wanted all employees to feel confident about the firm’s new identity. We want this firm to be democratic, with everyone’s voice heard.”

As part of establishing a democratic atmosphere, the co-managers made sure to include members from each of their locations; Los Angeles, New Jersey, London, and New York. “Nobody was left out,” Neste said.

Additionally, Prager Metis consulted with Sequel, a top branding firm headquartered in NYC, to assure the branding developed efficiently.

“The first order of business was to interview every partner in the firm to really determine who we are with the emergence of Prager Metis — who we were as individual firms was significant but more importantly, a vision for the future as we move forward as one entity needed to be established,” CEO Glenn Friedman explained.

Sequel is a branding, marketing, and design agency that brings imagination, insight and a wealth of implementation experience to bear, whether in traditional branding, marketing and communications programs or in campaigns that leverage offline, digital and environmental touch points.

“When two professional services firms come together, and you find out there will be a joint committee of 10-plus people working on the rebranding – with 30-plus partners also paying attention – that can cause the agency some concern,” said Steve Mignogna, a principal of Sequel Studio. “But the Prager Metis process was extraordinary.  The team worked seamlessly and effectively, and the solution just came together naturally.  Prager Metis is truly focused as a single team in support of the best interests of their clients.”

In addition to what people generally think about brand — logo, stationery, business cards – Prager Metis wanted to create a culture behind the brand. “Every bit of information we gathered from our meetings is completely driving everything you see in the branding,” Glenn Friedman said. “Everyone had a voice at the table and everyone’s opinions were taken into consideration.”

Thursday, August 8, 2013 Partners and employees of Prager Metis CPAs stood tall as they saw their hard work come to life. Marketing Director, Diane Walsh and the branding committee, chose a time and place to unveil the fast-growing entity and announce it internally to staff.

“For a full branding the firm is pleased with the smooth transition and the quick process it has been,” Walsh said.

For more information, contact Diane Walsh at 212.643.0099/Ext. 125 or

About Prager Metis CPAs
Headquartered in New York City, and with offices in California, New York, New Jersey, and London, Prager Metis CPAs, an affiliate of Prager Metis International, LLC is one of the nation’s fastest-growing accounting and advisory firms, offering a full range of accounting, auditing, and consulting services. The company was formed in January, 2013 by the combination of Prager and Fenton LLP and Metis Group LLC, two long-standing and highly-respected accounting firms. Prager Metis was recently ranked as the number one “Firm to Watch” and a “Top Accounting Firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region” by Accounting Today.