Makers of The Metaverse

Advisory | Jerry Eitel | Jun 21, 2022

Recently Jerry Eitel, Chief Mtaverse Officer, was featured in Authority Magazines article “Makers of The Metaverse: Jerry Eitel Of Prager Metis On The Future Of The VR, AR & Mixed Reality Industries.” Jerry talks about the competition in the Metaverse, the implications of working in the virtual world, and reducing limitations. The future of VR, AR, and MR are exciting and great opportunities for education and upskilling employees. Find out more here.

Company News
Jun 20, 2022
Prager Metis

Prager Metis is proud to support FTX US

Prager Metis is proud to support FTX US, a major player in the crypto market while continuing to build our relationship with them. They are growing the digital currency ecosystem and offering U.S. traders a platform that inspires their loyalty. Check out the picture below, as our team recently went to a Yankee game with FTX.US and had a great time!

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