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We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Prager Metis and Value Services S.p.A., an Italian consulting firm specialized in unlocking funding provided by European, National, and Regional institutions. ​

​The last several years have been very difficult in both the U.S. and Global economies. To address as many questions and concerns from our clients regarding their personal financial affairs, this strategic partnership was formed to fulfill the growing need for expansion of our clients acting as a bridge:

Prager Metis Services

Value Services S.p.A.
Consulting firm founded in 1985 ​
Focused on funding opportunities provided by European, National and Regional institutions​
Value Services provides its services across the country with a team of 80 experts to 500+ clients.​
4 locations: Rome – Milan – Naples – Jesi (AN)​
Value Services is the partner of innovative companies willing to grow through R&D, Investments and internationalization​
Service Leader

Partner, Italian Global Services Leader

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