Inbound Planning Services

Inbound (Foreigner Persons and Businesses Investing in the US)

Advising foreign businesses on how to expand into the US in a tax-efficient manner requires expertise in U.S. tax law and a holistic approach focused on integrating US tax planning options with home country ownership and tax rules.  This is even more important after recent U.S. tax reform.  Prager Metis professionals can help you smoothly navigate the significant changes in tax laws under recent US tax reform and so that you confidently enter the U.S. market.  Our approach ensures that you will receive tax planning advice that is aligned with your needs and objectives and that results in maximum tax efficiency.

U.S. taxable presence assessment for limited US activities such as market research, solicitation, storage and logistics
Tax efficient set up of US business

U.S. entity selection, including US branch, partnership, limited liability corporation, S corporation or C corporation
Advice on the impact of recent US tax reform as it relates to existing and proposed ownership structures and operations

Advice on US branch operations, including branch profits tax and branch level interest
Advise on the use of debt vs equity

Advice on tax efficient supply chain and intercompany transactions
Repatriation planning

US withholding on dividends, interest and royalties
Double tax treaty planning

Planning for US real property investment that minimize tax on both current income and capital gains.
Foreign tax credit planning

Planning for acquisitions, dispositions and liquidations
Transfer pricing services, including planning, benchmarking and documentation