Outbound Planning Services

Outbound (US Persons and Businesses Investing Outside the US)

International expansion of your US based business in a tax-efficient manner requires extensive knowledge of US foreign and foreign tax rules and the ability to tailor advice and solutions that are aligned with your specific needs and business objectives. Together with the GGI global network of firms across the globe, Prager Metis international professionals are able to provide you with seamless and integrated tax advice across multiple borders.  

Tax efficient structuring
Entity selection

Assistance in aligning new and existing cross border structures with recent tax reform rules related to mandatory repatriation, 100 percent dividends received deduction, global intangible low-taxed income and foreign derived intangible income.
Treaty planning

Intellectual property planning
Supply chain planning

Advice with export Incentives, including The Interest Charge - Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) and the Foreign Derived Intangible Income provision introduced under recent tax reform.
Foreign currency transactions

Foreign tax credit planning
Acquisitions, dispositions, liquidations

Transfer pricing services, including planning, benchmarking and documentation
Advice on cross border blockchain and cryptocurrency planning including the assistance in setting up funds and trading structures.