International Global Services


Prager Metis is an international firm that provides tailored advice and services related to international tax and accounting matters involving countries across the globe. Our clients include multinational companies, entertainers, investors, family offices, and globally mobile individuals.

While Prager Metis has long served clients with activities and investments across the globe, many businesses and individuals need advice and services within a concentrated list of trade corridors involving the U.S. and major trading countries. To serve such clients, Prager Metis has established a collection of global services that provide clients with the ability to efficiently address the full range of US and foreign country tax and accounting matters they face within these specific trade corridors. Currently, Prager Metis has the following Global Service Countries that specialize in providing cross-border advice and services with the following countries:

China               Germany         Israel               Japan                                    Turkey

France            India                Italy                 LATAM & Caribbean             U.K.

Our Global Service Practice is led by experienced, multilingual, tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East who speak the local language and know the local culture. They each have extensive experience advising clients operating in the above corridors, are able to help clients overcome common challenges, and take advantage of key opportunities. Our Global Service Leaders also leverage technology, including webcasts, social platforms, and streaming services to keep clients up to date on the latest tax developments and industry trends. Members of our Global Service Practice and the international team frequently speak on the US and international tax matters. When we say we speak the language of cross-border transactions, we really mean it.

Our Global Service Practice Network can be contacted at the numbers listed below: