Why the Metaverse matters to you

Metaverse | Jerry Eitel | May 03, 2022

Jerry Eitel, Chief Metaverse Officer, was recently featured on Accounting Today’s podcast with Dan Hood, “Why the Metaverse matters to you.” The #metaverse isn’t just some virtual space. It’s a reality in which you can go to concerts, buy clothing, have a fashion show, meet with friends, and even meet up for business. These things interest many people, whether it is for fun, gaming, making money, or just doing business on a different platform. Listen to the full podcast here and find out how we can help make Your World. Worth More. Click here to listen to the podcast!

May 10, 2022
Prager Metis

Swing for a Cure

The Prager Metis’s Charitable Foundation is pleased to sponsor Swing for a Cure, our 2nd Annual Golf Classic, along with a Silent Auction, in support of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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May 09, 2022
Kayo M. Elkner


Prager Metis extends a warm congratulations to Kayo M. Elkner, Director, for being recognized in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Leaders of Influence: Minority CPAs 2022. The special recognition profiles a cross-section of outstanding professionals for their accomplishments and dedication to their clients, company, community, and the accounting

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