Prager Metis International LLC Launches into National Spotlight

Press Releases | Prager Metis | Mar 11, 2013

New York, New Jersey, California, London – Sometimes it can take years to see positive results from a business strategy, but Prager Metis International LLC, which combined less than three months ago, has launched into the national spotlight.

Accounting Today recently released its annual Top 100 Firms/Regional Leaders report, ranking Prager Metis International number one of the listed 35 “Firms to Watch”. In order to be eligible for the list, firms had to have revenue growth in 2012 and have revenues of roughly $20-$30 million. Prager Metis was cited as a “strong newcomer” and also named one of Accounting Today’s 27 top accounting firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Prager and Fenton LLP and Metis Group LLC, like many in the accounting industry, joined forces to accelerate growth by offering specialized niches and enhancing their international presence. There’s something to be said for size when it comes to competing in a competitive field. Increased visibility offers the chance to showcase capabilities.

“We are excited to see that we made the list of the country’s top accounting firms. It’s one more way we can distinguish ourselves,” says Glenn Friedman, CEO of Prager Metis International.

While the firm is a household name in a few industries, it may not be long before it is a household name overall. “We will continue to grow and develop our brand,” says David Neste, Chairman of the Board of Prager Metis International.

About Prager Metis International LLC
Prager Metis International LLC is a mid-sized firm headquartered in New York City with additional locations in Los Angeles, California, London, England, Basking Ridge, NJ, Armonk, NY and Plainview, New York. Prager Metis International offers a full range of accounting, audit and consulting services and has a level of expertise and a global presence that is unique.