Peter J. Scalise Named iShade Faculty Member of the Week

Awards | Peter J. Scalise | Oct 22, 2015

Peter J. Scalise, Director at Prager Metis is also a long time member of the iShade Tax Faculty and writer for iShade. Peter serves as the Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader for Prager Metis CPAs – TOP 100 Global CPA Firm.

Those who are familiar with Peter’s highly dynamic presentations and articles recognize him as an industry thought leader on a range of specialty tax incentives such as Sustainable Research & Development Tax Credit Claims, Movie Production Tax Incentives, and Comprehensive Fixed Asset Analysis incorporating Construction Tax Planning, Cost Segregation analysis, and compliance with the Tangible Property Regulations. For those who are unfamiliar, take a look at Peter’s most recent webinar below. Or catch one of his upcoming presentations on iShade’s Ask the Expert page.

A Practical Guide to Identifying, Gathering, and Documenting a Sustainable Research Tax