Making Strides Overseas

Industry News | Prager Metis | Apr 13, 2013

NY, CA, London – Many mid-sized law firms talk about working with international clients, but few actually go overseas. Prager Metis International is going a step further. Andrea Fantozzi, Senior Audit Manager and Director of US European Team, and Partner John Gosch will team up to for a two-week trip to the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany.

Fantozzi, who speaks Italian, and Gosch, who speaks German and French, will conduct seminars and lectures for clients, as well as prospective clients. The duo has extensive experience in European businesses trading in and with the United States, both from a regulatory compliance perspective and in tax structures. Fantozzi will explain the complexities of foreign regulations and U.S. business practices as they affect U.K. businesses that want to develop a presence in the United States. Gosch’s presentation will include U.S. tax rules regarding the look through provisions for U.S. incorporated entities, among other tax issues. The seminar will benefit businesses in the U.K., who trade with and in the United States, and/or are considering opening businesses in the U.S., or partnering with U.S. businesses.

This is the first time the pair will be jointly presenting to our clients and prospects on behalf of the newly combined mid-sized accounting firm. “It’s important to meet face-to-face with clients and potential clients, and even better if you can speak the native language, we have a cultural understanding that is unprecedented, ” says John Gosch.

The trip is the first of what is likely to become an annual event. Prager Metis is committed to its International clients and has partners that regularly travel to Turkey and Israel as well. The travels are part of an effort to further extend the Prager Metis name in the international arena and establish its reputation as an expert in international taxation.

“These presentations and meetings, combined with our office in London, help showcase our expertise in the International business community.” Says, Chairman of the Board, David Neste.

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