Elevate Your Financial Strategy and Decision-Making: Building on the Synergy between CFO Advisory Services and Client Accounting Services

CFO Advisory Services | Christopher L. Zellman | Jun 27, 2023

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of their financial position, make well-informed decisions, boost efficiency and revenue, trim costs, and foster sustainable growth. That’s where the formidable team of Prager Metis CFO Advisory Services and Client Accounting Services (CAS) enter the picture, working in harmony to provide valuable financial insight.

While these two groups share a common goal, they offer distinct services that contribute to achieving the above objectives in unique ways. It’s worth noting that the advantage lies in their seamless collaboration within the same firm, allowing for seamless referrals. Gone are the days of working in isolated silos; instead, the focus is on prioritizing the client’s needs and goals by harnessing the combined expertise and resources of both teams.

To embark on this transformative journey, it is crucial to grasp the breadth and depth of services offered by each group, recognize their immense value to your organization, and learn how to fully leverage their expert strategists/financial executives.

Delving into the World of CFO Advisory Services and CAS

Our CFO Advisory Services are designed to elevate your financial strategy and decision-making processes. With a team of seasoned financial strategists, we offer a range of services that go beyond day-to-day operations. From fractional and interim CFO services to transaction readiness and support, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, forecasting, due diligence/quality of earnings for mergers and acquisitions, , business strategy and growth, and audit/IPO readiness, our experts are here to provide specialized expertise and strategic guidance.

By leveraging our CFO Advisory Services, you gain the insights and support necessary to optimize cash flow, manage risk, increase shareholder value, and maintain tax compliance.

Complementing our CFO Advisory Services is our Client Accounting Services (CAS) team. CAS offers a flexible service model that allows you to outsource your accounting functions to our experienced professionals. Whether you select to collaborate with your in-house accounting team or fully outsource your accounting department to us, our CAS experts handle critical tasks

such as bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable management, payroll processing, tax preparation and compliance, process improvement, and controller services.

By embracing CAS, you can streamline your financial operations, ensure accurate reporting, and meet critical deadlines without the burden of hiring and training additional staff.

The Strategic Connection Between the Two

At Prager Metis, we recognize the intrinsic link between our CFO Advisory Services and Client Accounting Services (CAS), and the value they bring to your organization. While CAS handles the day-to-day accounting functions and provides you with essential financial data, CFO Advisory Services step in to decipher and translate those numbers into meaningful insights and strategic recommendations to help your company be more successful while allowing you to focus on the business.

The collaboration between CAS and CFO Advisory Services is seamless. If the CFO Advisory team identifies an organization struggling with bookkeeping or meeting tax filing deadlines, they can readily recommend CAS as a solution. Conversely, if CAS recognizes a client’s need for strategic financial guidance, they can facilitate a seamless transition to our CFO Advisory Services. This interplay between the two teams is further strengthened by their shared affiliation with Prager Metis, ensuring a smooth handover of information and expertise.

What sets Prager Metis apart is the synergy between our CFO Advisory and CAS teams within the same firm which allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that address your organization’s unique needs and goals, ensuring a cohesive financial strategy. Our integrated approach empowers your organization to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and foster sustainable growth.

Experience the power of Prager Metis as we transform your financial landscape. From strategic financial guidance to efficient accounting operations, we are your trusted partner on the path to financial success.

Our clients benefit from our services by:

  • Expert dedication
  • A Focus on the Future
  • Business Strategy and Growth

If you’d like to discuss how the Prager Metis CAS group, CFO Advisory Services group, or both can benefit your organization, contact us for a consultation.


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