Strategies for Minimizing Tax Withholdings on US Real Estate Sales by Foreign Individuals

Tax | Smadar Rinat | John C. Barka | Feb 06, 2024

When non-US investors sell real estate property, they may face tax withholding requirements by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This case study highlights actions that can potentially reduce tax withholding on proceeds when selling US real estate held through a US limited liability company (LLC). Click here to learn more as Smadar Rinat and John Barka explain what you need to know.


Top Ten Year-End Tax Planning Checklist

As the year draws to a close, taking proactive steps in your financial planning can significantly impact your tax liability. This checklist provides a guide to key strategies that individuals can consider before the end of the year to potentially decrease their income tax. By strategically managing income, deductions, and investments, you can optimize your tax situation and position yourself for a more tax-efficient financial future.

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