How to Engage Your Whole Firm to Grow Social Media

Advisory | Diane L. Walsh | Oct 11, 2022

Growing your social media presence and reach is now more critical than ever to a professional services firm. Your most crucial conduits of this are your own team members. I understand this is a lot easier said than done. However, you can implement several processes and communications to encourage team members to participate.

Ask your team members to like and share your social media posts. A welcome email to new hires via all social channels, encourages them to follow your company and results in high compliance from a simple ask. Our firm has an active social media presence. To help communicate this internally, we send a weekly social media roundup to our whole team, including every post and easily shareable links.

Several software programs, including Clearview Social, Act-On, Hootsuite Amplify, Spotler, and Influitive help extend your social reach. While each of these programs has different features, they all allow your individual team members to share social media posts with one click or even automatically share all your posts to the individual’s network on chosen social channels. Our social media-earned media value (EMV) after implementation increased 10-fold.

We also host weekly and monthly contests for social media sharing. The easiest method of measuring the results is through one of the above-mentioned programs, which will calculate your EMV. In one instance, a small incentive garnered tremendous competition amongst the team and increased EMV on the weeks we ran a contest.

Our marketing strategy has been creating videos for designated service or industry areas. We include all levels of team members in that area, not just partners. In doing so, they’re engaged in our posts and share with their networks on all channels.

As more of our lives are centered online, it becomes critical to engage your team in sharing your message. Internal communications are the key to helping guide and encourage them to participate.