How Can a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Benefit Your Company?

CFO Advisory Services | Robert O. Mayer | Nov 24, 2020

Our CFO Advisory Services Team is often asked, “What can we do about the high costs of employee health insurance and benefit plans?”, and our response is, “have you looked into a PEO?”

A Professional Employer Organization is an organization that provides outsourced services to small and medium-sized businesses. By becoming the “employer of record” for its client companies, the small and medium-sized businesses gain access to Fortune-500© level benefits which offer the client companies a competitive edge. Through the PEO, small and medium sized companies are able to offer their employees 401K plans, health, dental and life insurance, and other benefits that they typically would not receive as an employee of a small company. PEOs also offer options for other outsourced administration and HR tasks, and allow the small and medium sized business to consolidate their human resource services, employee benefits, compliance and IT needs with a single company and a single point of contact.

Your company is given numerous advantages such as:

  • Less Administrative Burden: Managed HR administration.
  • Stabilized Employee Expenses: Costs are more predictable and contained.
  • Fortune-500©-Level Benefits: Benefits that give you a competitive edge.
  • Technology: A single platform containing all employee and benefit information.
  • Personalized Support: Access to a SHRM certified professional to meet your needs.

For more information on the benefits of Professional Employer Organizations and cost-saving options for outsourced services offered by our CFO Advisory Services and Client Accounting Services groups, please visit our website: Click here


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