Voluntary Disclosure

Failure to file returns or to pay correct tax can subject individuals and businesses to interest charges, penalties, and criminal prosecution. For taxpayers who wish to get themselves back into compliance, the IRS and numerous State Tax Departments offer voluntary disclosure programs whereby taxpayers who owe back taxes and haven’t filed related returns can possibly avoid monetary penalties and criminal charges by reporting the amount owed, paying the taxes, and entering into an agreement to pay all future taxes. Generally, voluntary disclosure filings must be submitted to the taxing agency prior to the commencement of any civil or criminal investigation of the taxpayer or before notice is sent to the taxpayer informing them of the intent to begin such investigation.

The experienced and dedicated tax controversy staff of Prager Metis can help concerned taxpayers understand their options with regards to voluntary disclosure filings and assist the taxpayer in mitigating any associated risks that may be associated with the process.

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