State & Local Tax (SALT)

State and local tax is a rapidly changing and evolving area. You need a true expert on your team to help navigate these complex waters and ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefit. At Prager Metis we have dedicated state and local tax (SALT) expertise, with a thorough understanding of local regulations, trends, and developments and will provide in-depth multi-state consulting.

Income and Franchise Tax

  • Audit defense and controversy assistance
  • Refund reviews
  • Nexus studies and multi-state tax planning
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements

Sales and Use Tax

  • Audit defense and refund reviews
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Specialized bankruptcy support
  • Assistance with advisory rulings and letters
  • Tax matrix design and reviews
  • Use tax compliance assistance
  • Technology consulting

Property Taxes

  • Personal and real property tax appeals
  • Audit defense
  • Personal property tax compliance

Unclaimed Property

  • Voluntary disclosure agreements and audit defense
  • Assist in establishing internal processes

Credits and Incentives

  • Review company strategy to identify opportunities
  • Negotiate state and local incentives based on the opportunities
  • Assist with annual filings