Royalty Audit &
Contract Compliance

Why Are Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance Services Important?

When third parties determine earnings according to contracts, licensing agreements, or other regulations, numerous factors can cause underpayments. Without the proper infrastructure in place, these underpayments can go unnoticed for great periods of time. Not only that but reviewing licensing contracts and keeping track of revenue streams can take huge amounts of time away from important business initiatives and creative ventures. Our team at Prager Metis can provide the infrastructure and expertise required to make sure you are being properly paid.

Why Use Prager Metis?

Not every accounting firm has an expertise in Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance Services. At Prager Metis, our decades of experience and continued longevity in the field have resulted in recovering current and future revenue streams from licensing agreements in many different industries. We identify and quantify reporting issues, recover underpaid royalties and fees, identify untapped opportunities, and increase future royalties, resulting in maximised profits and value of your IP. Not only does our audit approach consider the importance of the relationship between parties, but it also considers the big picture, as opposed to just focusing on the numbers, enabling us to deliver added value to our clients.

Our Reach, Experience, and Personnel

Prager Metis has Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance personnel in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and the Metaverse and has been conducting royalty and contract compliance audits since its origins over 100 years ago. The firm pioneered these services and continues to deliver value to its clients. Additionally, as an independent member of the Geneva Group International, we have access to resources worldwide, enabling us to service clients globally.

Our royalty compliance experts possess years of experience in this specialised field and are fully dedicated to providing royalty audit and contract compliance services. At Prager Metis, our team conducts royalty, distribution, profit participation audits, contract compliance investigations, and financial due diligence reviews. In addition, our vast experience and expertise with copyrights, trademarks and brands extend to clients in the following industries:

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