Prager Metis Initiates New Human Resource Policies

Company News | Prager Metis | Feb 10, 2017

“Dress for Your Day” and New Summer Hours Policies 

Prager Metis CPAs, is proud to announce our new Human Resource policies. Our two new policies include “Dress for Your Day” and a potential four day work week during the summer season.

The “Dress for Your Day” policy enables team members to dress casually (jeans, if wished) daily.  However, if they are meeting with clients, they must dress appropriately.  Some examples of attire that is unacceptable for work include but not limited to clothing and or jewelry with any offensive words, messages or slogans or pictures that could be offensive or harassing in any way, cutoffs or shorts, gym wear or beach wear, clothing that reveals undergarments, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops or shirts with spaghetti straps, off the shoulder tops, evening wear, sweatshirts or sweatpants, miniskirts, sneakers, sandals or flip-flops or any clothing that reveals the employee’s stomach, fullback, cleavage or chest or otherwise is revealing. Also, no ripped clothing is acceptable attire.

Prager Metis has practiced an altered Summer Hours schedule but this year we will be rolling out this new policy. All team members have the option to work a 4 day – 37.50 hour week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The four days can consist of any four days from Monday to Friday with approval from partners and/or managers you work for.

CEO, Glenn Friedman, stated: “Our new policies highlight our corporate culture and help increase staff morale”.

Prager Metis Human Resource Director, Lori Zamora added: “Our staff is adapting to the new policies incredibly well, and we look forward to what the future has in store”.

Prager Metis is continuing to grow and as we grow so does our corporate culture.