Fernando R. Lopez Awarded as ‘Speaker of the Year 2019’

Awards | Fernando R. Lopez | Mar 11, 2019

New York (NY), USA | 06 March 2019 — Fernando R. Lopez, Prager Metis CPAs, has delivered outstanding technical presentations during International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG) meetings at GGI | Geneva Group International conferences. He demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge and excellent presentation skills as recognized by his GGI colleagues, who have chosen to award him with the “ITPG Speaker of the Year Award 2019”.

The award has been handed over during the ITPG Global Tax Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 25 February 2019.

GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global alliance of independent, professional services firms. Its nearly 600 members include law, accounting, management consulting, and trust companies in 125 countries. GGI Practice Groups allow professionals of various interests and disciplines around the world to discuss ideas, foster connections, and generate business opportunities, all with the intent of improving their clients’ bottom lines.

Fernando R. Lopez has been an active GGI participant since Prager Metis CPAs joined GGI six years ago. He shared his knowledge and experiences with GGI experts from all around the world and has established many valuable contacts with like-minded experts around the globe – a solid basis on which to build working relationships based on mutual trust and confidence. ‘Our main aim in joining GGI was to network with professional firms for outbound referrals and to gain international exposure’, said Fernando R. Lopez, Director of International Tax of Prager Metis CPAs. He continued: ‘I worked with many GGI firms so far, from Singapore and Australia to Mexico, Canada, and the UK. The best thing about GGI is that all GGI member firms are very high-quality service firms and are quick to respond as a part of their perceived moral responsibility. In common, I found that the approach of GGI member firms is always personalized and attentive.’

Fernando R. Lopez is a Director of International Tax at Prager Metis CPAs, a member of Prager Metis International Group. He has been a practicing accountant since 1998.

Fernando advises his clients on a full range of cross-border tax planning and compliance matters aimed at efficient cross-border structures and operations. He counsels businesses in various industries regarding the US and foreign tax considerations related to overseas activities and expansion. This includes foreign clients regarding inbound considerations, US permanent establishment considerations, entity selection and considerations related to investments in real property. Fernando is also knowledgeable on tax-efficient restructuring; M&A, dispositions; joint ventures; global trading structures; tax deferral; foreign currency transactions; repatriation; foreign tax credits, IP migration; transfer pricing; tax accounting, FIN 48 reporting; and international compliance.

To learn more about GGI, Geneva Group International, visit ggi.com. To get in touch with Fernando R. Lopez, please visit www.pragermetis.com, or email him at flopez@pragermetis.com.