Family Office Services

At Prager Metis, we act as the family office “quarterback” to ensure that all family policies and decisions are enacted and continually maintained. We believe in total transparency and communication with all family members. We understand the need for privacy and will be extremely cognizant of this in all communications with you and various team members.

Our goal is to become your most trusted advisor so that you feel comfortable coming to us first for advice and counsel. With Prager Metis, you will only deal directly and continually with the same senior partner and your team. This allows trust and knowledge to grow between both parties and allows us to become fully immersed in your family groups. We are very confident in our firms’ approach, as we have almost 100 years of experience in providing these services. We can also act as consultants to existing family offices to enhance service delivery to your family members. Our services include:

Back Office


Tax Advisory

Tax Compliance


Risk Management

Service Leader


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