Trusted Advisor 2nd Annual NYC X Music Summit

Entertainment and Music | Thomas F. Smith | Apr 19, 2024

Prager Metis is a proud sponsor of the Trusted Advisor’s 2nd Annual Music X NYC Summit on May 9th.

We are proud to have Thomas F. Smith speaking on the panel “Navigating the Touring Landscape: Tax Strategies, Financial Goals, and Beyond.” 

This panel delves into essential financial strategies and compliance measures for artists traversing domestic and international borders. Experts will discuss and advise how to navigate complex tax regulations while optimizing financial structures to support long-term business growth and provide insights into tour logistics and legal considerations. Join us as we empower artists and their touring crews with the knowledge and tools to thrive in today’s dynamic entertainment landscape.

Additionally, Susan Hoffnagle will speak on the panel “Navigating The Royalty Landscape: Leveraging Tech for Transparent Audits in the Era of Fractional Royalties.”  This panel will provide an overview of the evolving royalty landscape, where technology emerges as a beacon for transparent audits amidst the rise of fractional royalties. The panelists will uncover the intricate processes, costs, and timing integral to royalty audits, shedding light on previously opaque terrain. Join the conversation as we harness the power of technology to illuminate the path forward in royalty management.

This 1-day summit is a must-attend event for business managers, attorneys, artist managers, and trusted advisors in the music industry. RSVP here.