Dispute Advisory Services

We provide forensic services in pending or potential legal or regulatory proceedings, and for alternative dispute resolutions, such as arbitration, mediation and administrative proceedings. Our credentialed forensic team provides expert witness and consulting services to clients, such as individual parties of disputes, attorneys, and government agencies. We provide services in all phases of a dispute and to either side of a dispute.

Our forensic practitioners have extensive experience in cases involving breach of contract, securities litigation, and accounting and auditing standards. Additionally, our collective skill sets are key in a broad range of disputes, such as matrimonial, post-acquisition, and license and royalty.

As expert witnesses, we utilize our skills and experiences in forming sound opinions based on supportable case facts and reasonable assumptions, and we concisely express them in our expert reports. We take pride in preparing ourselves for testimony and effectively communicating our opinions to triers of fact or other decision-making bodies. Our team of experts are skilled orators and testifiers who have worked on many high-profile cases.

As consultants, we use our multi-disciplinary backgrounds to collect, analyze, evaluate, and interpret data. We utilize our findings to advise clients about the significant facts, issues, and strategies of a matter.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Antitrust Claims

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
Business Interruption Claims

Civil, Criminal and Regulatory Actions
Commercial Fraud Claims

Construction and Real Estate Claims
Contractual Disputes

Economic Damages Calculations
Income Determination

Insurance Claims
License and Royalty Disputes

Litigation Support
Matrimonial Disputes

Partner/Shareholder Disputes
Post-Acquisition Disputes

Professional Standards
SEC Actions

Securities Litigation
Tax Controversies

Trusts and Estates Litigation