Dan Smith


Manager - Royalty
California - Los Angeles


Practice Areas

Service Specialties

  • Desktop Reviews
  • Royalty Audits
  • Royalty Examinations
  • Song Catalog & Intellectual Property Valuations

Industry Expertise

Professional Experience

Dan Smith is a Manager in the Entertainment & Music Group of Prager Metis, a member of Prager Metis International Group. With over a decade of experience, Dan has partnered with industry-leading music organizations where he has conducted royalty examinations and advised clients in the sale of their music assets.

Dan has managed all aspects of clients’ royalties at business management firms, record labels, music publishers, and film and TV studios in the Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville regions. His expertise includes performing royalty valuations, taking music catalogues to market, drafting non-disclosure agreements, and preparing complex royalty analyses for due diligence purposes during the music rights acquisitions process.

Dan’s deep understanding of the music industry has allowed him to effectively represent clients from all genres. He has been instrumental in helping clients address unreported and underreported royalties, reviewing agreements related to outstanding audit claims, and preparing examinations by bringing audit claims and securing settlements while utilizing a collaborative approach with artists, attorneys, managers, and investors.

Before joining Prager Metis, Dan worked as a Manager of Music Acquisitions & Royalty Audit at a leading business management firm, where his work was primarily focused on selling music catalogues. Dan also conducted royalty desktop examinations, ensuring clients were paid as per their agreements.


  • Juris Doctor, NSL, Nashville, TN
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Music Business, Belmont University, Nashville, TN