Not-for-Profit Focus – February

Not-for-Profit | Prager Metis | Mar 07, 2022

We recently received a question from a client regarding who should participate in executive sessions of the board. While we answered based on our experiences with the boards of many different organizations, the question prompted our own deeper dive into some of the available literature on board (and board committee) executive sessions. That research drove our decision to share some thoughts on executive sessions in this issue of Not-for-Profit Focus. Read more


Donating Cryptocurrency to Ukrainian Humanitarian Efforts? Proceed Carefully.

Over the past few years, digital currency has earned the reputation for being the easiest and most efficient way to move money across international borders. Experts say the ability to accelerate the flow of money at a reduced cost, along with the fear of surveillance and the impact of war on the local currency are the primary reasons why Ukrainian government officials recently began requesting donations in cryptocurrency.

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Metaverso e Impuestos

El metaverso se refiere a un mundo virtual altamente inmersivo donde las personas puedrán reunirse para socializar, jugar, trabajar y comerciar con bienes y servicios virtuales (y no virtuales). Algunos lo llaman un universo paralelo, poblado por avatares y toda forma de elementos digitales (en forma de NFTs) que se encuentran en nuestro mundo diario.

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