Government contractors operate in an ever-changing, perplexing world of regulations and reporting requirements. While acronyms such as DCAA, RFP, CAS, and FAR may not concern many businesses, they must be properly addressed to ensure a government contractor’s success.

The government contractor team at Prager Metis participates in continuing education to remain abreast of the trends, issues, and proposed actions and initiatives from the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch. To ensure that we understand various financial and managerial initiatives of government personnel, we subscribe to numerous government trade publications, including the Defense Contract Audit Manual. As members of the same associations and interest groups to which government contractors belong, we communicate regularly with experts in the industry.

We successfully assist clients to:

Cost accounting is critical to identifying allowable and non-allowable costs. It is imperative that your accounting system support your specific contractual requirements, enabling you to recover all allowable expenses.

The Prager Metis team will work with you to establish and maintain banking relationships for working capital, including lines of credit involving accounts receivable financing. As your company grows we assist you with the following:

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