Melody Young

Managing Principal - Woodland Hills, CA Office| California - Woodland Hills

Professional Experience

Melody Young is a Principal at Prager Metis CPAs, a member of Prager Metis International Group. She is a member of Prager Metis’ Business Management Group. She also serves as the Managing Principal – Woodland Hills, CA Office. She has been in the accounting industry for over 35 years.

Melody has an expertise in all facets of accounting and business management for high-net-worth individuals in the entertainment industries and their affiliated entities. Her specialties include business management, taxation, finance, budgets, and financial & estate planning. She has a strong entrepreneurial background which she utilizes in managing small business.

Melody takes great pride in tending to the businesses and personal finances of individuals. She believes that business managers are their clients’ problem solvers. She loves working individually with her clients on all aspects of their life.

Prior to joining Prager Metis, Melody was the founder/CEO of Geibelson, Young & Company who combined with Prager Metis in 2018.