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Indian Bank Interest, When is this Truly Tax Free?

A friend of mine who is of Indian origin, was recently discussing with me how he had found a way to earn an eye-watering 9% interest on cash deposits. He explained that deposits held in an Indian bank account typically earn interest of 7-9% and that he is earning a small fortune on his deposits. Not meaning to bring my friend down to earth, I felt it necessary to make him aware of a few issues.

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Featured UK | Oct 13, 2015

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Featured UK
| Oct 13, 2015

Read our latest UK articles, insights and newsletters to get an inside look at Prager Metis. Indian Bank Interest, When is it Truly Tax Free? - 26-9-2017 Briefing Notes - Charitable Giving: The New Rules - 03-04-17

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Featured UK | Jun 12, 2014

Briefing Notes #1 Touring the USA

Entertainment and Music
| Jun 12, 2014

This is a general briefing guide to some of the problems that can be encountered when touring the USA, in particular, the US Centralised Withholding Agreement (CWA) arrangement for managers of UK acts who intend to tour the USA. It is a practical guide and not a definitive statement of practice or the law. The practice of the law in respect of visas, taxation and CWA’s is constantly changing depending on all number of circumstances.

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Briefing Notes #1 Touring the USA2019-04-03T15:16:58-04:00