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Briefing Notes #1 Touring the USA

This is a general briefing guide to some of the problems that can be encountered when touring the USA, in particular, the US Centralised Withholding Agreement (CWA) arrangement for managers of UK acts who intend to tour the USA. It is a practical guide and not a definitive statement of practice or the law. The practice of the law in respect of visas, taxation and CWA’s is constantly changing depending on all number of circumstances.

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Lights, Camera, Action and Tax Cut!

Movie Production Incentives (hereinafter “MPIs”) are tax benefits offered on a state-by-state basis throughout the United States to entice, as applicable, in-state film production and post-production activities. The state-by-state legislative histories and policies driving MPIs are clearly aimed at increasing economic growth at the state and local levels through filmmaking and television production throughout the United States while curtailing the departure of movie production to other countries. While the applicable qualifying production activities vary from state-to-state many common qualified production activities include, but are not limited to, feature films, television series, relocated television series, television pilots and television movies.

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What You Should Know and Do When You Review Your Royalty Statements

Chris Hull recently presented at am AIMP event entitled What You Should Know and Do When You Review Your Royalty Statements. The objective of this program is to review issues to consider as your royalty statements come in for new media as well as traditional distribution channels and to recommend best practices for independent publisher/writer recipients to follow in order to monitor the accounting for use of their works, when to consult with a professional auditor, and what to expect at that level of examination.  

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