Digital Assets

Digital Assets

At Prager Metis, we are at the forefront of evolving regulations and actively participate in discussions regarding accounting policies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. With underlying changes in technology, our experts are constantly pushing through boundaries and will offer strategic and knowledgeable insights.

Prager Metis works with different companies in the digital assets space, from an audit, tax, and advisory perspective, including one of the largest real estate tokenization’s in the U.S., as well as serving a top-five global NFT company. As a leader in the digital assets industry, Prager Metis is constantly expanding, and our experts stay current with industry trends, such as NFTs and clients conducting transactions in the metaverse.

Our Clients and Expertise Include:

Advisory Services Include:

Our team takes a hands-on approach and will look beyond the realm of traditional accounting to help your business with the challenges of underlying technology and compliance requirements. With offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Metaverse, Prager Metis can work with you wherever you are.

Audit Services Include:
Tax Services Include:
International Tax Services Include:
Technology has changed the way individuals and businesses communicate and pay for goods and services. New utilities are emerging: different cryptocurrency payments will facilitate buying, selling, and investing in NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). Watch our video below!
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